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What are some ways to become a better salsa dancer?

"Find a good techer". I strongly believe, a good techer can help you in achieving your goals in very short span and in a right way. Of course, to find a good teacher all together is an another challenging job.

I will recommend the following

  • Talk to good dancers around you and ask them right questions.

    • From where they learned

    • How long they have been learning, with whom they have been learning

    • What to practise and what not to.

    • Ask them to recommend you good teacher

    • Listen to their Salsa story( trust me, we Salsa dancer love to tell our story.

Once you find the techer and you are on your journey of becoming Salsa dancer:

  • Take feedback from your fellow dancers

  • Take feedback from teacher

One more important point. It takes

  • Commitment to learn

  • Commitment to practice regularly

I will say the journey is tuff and rough but it ends at the most beautiful dance floor :)

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