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The Feet Circus is one of the Finest Dance Academies in India specializing in Latin Dance Forms such as Salsa, Chacha, Jive, Rumba, Samba, Bachata and Zumba. It also offers an array of other Specialised Programs in Yoga and other forms as well.

The Feet Circus is founded by Priyanka Kirad one of the most talented Dance and Fitness Instructor and Performer.
It was started with an Aim where people can learn to dance, meet new people, have fun and feel comfortable thereby enhancing the quality of leisure time, gain health benefits and learn lifelong creative skills.

The Feet Circus believes in the mantra that Movement is Magic, Dance is Magic , it makes you Fly without Wings and Sing without Voice.

We Rent our Studio Too.

The Feet Circus Studio space is also available for dance or fitness classes, music, theatre, rehearsals, workshops, auditions, photoshoots and any other event you have in mind.

Facilities Offered

Wooden Flooring
Music System
Changing Room
Air Conditioning
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