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Priyanka Kirad is a Professional Dance Instructor, Performer and Choreographer. She has studied Electronics Engineering from VIT Pune. But her love for Dance made her travel a path less travelled by. She further pursued her Dream by training herself extensively in Indian and Western dance forms, continuing along with her daily Yoga practise routines.

She believes in Versatility and has worked very hard her whole life to be the very best at everything she does. She feels Dance & Fitness are forever married to each other and one is incomplete without the other. Its an endless journey and constant exploration.


‘I am an eternal student’ is what she says.

Priyanka has studied Dance at LATIN DANCE AUSTRALIA, Sydney. She for the past 10 years has dedicated her time to study and perfect the art of Dancing and has trained under renowned international teachers. She has also studied Kathak for 6 years.
Her specialties include International and Street Latin forms, Zumba, Bollywood and Yoga. She believes in exploring the common element that unifies all the dances and movements. Her dancing is a fusion of graceful movements and power packed energy.

Her Style has earned her many Trophies over the years.




She is the WINNER of ALL INDIA NATIONAL LEVEL DANCE COMPETITION, in the Solo Modern Dance category organised by Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh on an all India basis.

She is the ASIA OPEN CHAMPION, India International Dance Congress, in the Salsa Solo category. She is also the WINNER of GOA INTERNATIONAL LATIN FESTIVAL, Salsa Solo category.

Along with it she has also Judged the following events and competitions, NIEM Event Manager of the Year, VIIT event Perception, BJ Medical College Annual Event Vedant, Pune Town Showdown 2014 in association with Kumar Pacific Mall, Corporate AXA Business Services Finance Got Talent Competition, Symbiosis Institute of Management ORION 2016.

Priyanka strives to become the best dancer she can be. From her own experience she started to realise that Dance, Yoga, wholesome food, body & emotional awareness, breathing practises all leading to a healthy lifestyle helps you maintain a balance in Life. Her intention is to inspire her students to do the same for wellbeing and growth.

Her dedication, hard work & versatile dance background have led to the opening of her very own dance studio, very aptly named “The Feet Circus.”

Her studio and academy has grown extensively, earning a very loyal following from her students.

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