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Bored with your same old gym routine?

Doing an activity that’s both physical and fun, such as dancing ,intense stretching class,is a super way to get in shape and stay motivated to exercise.

When a physical activity has fun aspects you’re more likely to make it a habit because it doesn’t feel like exercise.

Trying a new activity will also work your body and your cardiovascular system in a different way than your regular routine so you’ll see better results. We at The Feet Circus have combination classes to keep the spunk in the exercise alive along with getting superb results. They include Zumba, Yoga, Bokwa, Bollywood.

Apart from all the amazing health benefits that Zumba provides one with, It is also an expression of Freedom !!

Its a workout where one can totally be absorbed in the magic of music and dance, Everyone should atleast once attend a Zumba class and watch one transform, states Priyanka Kirad – Founder – Director, The Feet Circus.

Zumba is a perfect combo of fun and fitness.

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