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The Art of Being a Good Person: How it Applies to Dance and Beyond

As an artist, it's essential to be creative, talented, and unique. However, what many people forget is that before you can become a successful artist, you need to be a good person. Being a good person is more than just having a positive attitude or treating others with kindness. It means having values and morals that guide your actions and decisions, which can ultimately affect the quality and impact of your art. This principle applies to all forms of art, including dance.

Be Honest and Authentic

Being a good person means being honest and authentic. In dance, this means being true to yourself and your artistic vision. Dance is a medium that allows you to express yourself physically and emotionally, and it's crucial to be genuine in what you create. Here are some ways to incorporate honesty and authenticity into your dance art:

  • Stay true to yourself and your choreographic vision. Being true to yourself can help you create dance that has depth and meaning.

  • Express yourself authentically. If you're not honest and authentic, your dance may come off as disingenuous, and your audience may not connect with it.

Have Empathy and Understanding