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Habits Vs Conscious Choice

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

The very word Habits houses in itself the most useful word of today’s digital generation – ‘BITS’

When something is Habitually done Bit by Bit every day it becomes a Habit. And Habit, in today’s terminology is nothing but Automation. It’s a coded program written by you for your own system. Over the years you forget the source or the start point of your Habit, but it gets ingrained in your system completely.

But the very essence and purpose of a Human Being should be Conscious Living. When one Living Consciously one cannot form Habits.

Conscious Living is Full of Life, making Live Choice every moment.

Habits are Dead, they are working on Automation. It’s not making a Conscious Choice every moment.

If one is accustomed to doing a certain thing every time, one has then denied himself the moment of Conscious Choice.

The Same concept gets extended to Healthy Living and Healthy Eating.

I do not believe in just forming Good Habit for Habits can also be a forced attempt and hence not from the Heart and hence the Longevity of its Friendship with you is not guaranteed.

I believe in making Conscious Choices depending upon one’s Understanding and Evolvement at that point of time.

A conscious choice is happening from the deeper recesses of one’s Mind and Heart. One is totally Alive while making it and knows very well the deeper ‘Why’ behind the choice made.

One thus makes a more meaningful connection here, a deeper bond which will stay with him forever.

So let’s make a Conscious Choice full of Understanding for a Healthy and Wholesome Life. Let’s be Lively Each Day !!!

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