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Welcome to The Feet Circus Latin Special Program!

Inject some passion and magic in your Life with these special & most popular Latin dance styles. Apart from the physical exercise and dance technique, Latin dances are a great way to develop your social network, & make friends.
There are several styles to choose from, each dance is unique from the other. You’ll also gain cultural insights to the styles so you can dance with authentic Latin passion!

We teach from beginners to the professional levels, so, if you fancy becoming a performer or great social dancer we tailor that for you. Here’s the good news; you don’t need a partner to learn or dance with. One of the greatest advantages of this dance is that you can learn it as an Individual OR a Partner dance. It’s both. Besides you will meet enough dancers in class to partner up with.

So lets embark on this exciting Latin Journey and be swept away with its different Movements and Rhythms!!!

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