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So Today is the day, why wait !! Resolve to be the best version of ourselves. See you on the dance floor !!!

The strength of a company is its employees. They are the pillars and backbone of any company or corporation
The success of a company is equally proportional to the individual success of each employee and the working harmony between them.

Expected and unexpected challenges in the job and home front, and rising levels of stress along with a sedentary lifestyle takes a toll on the efficiency of the individual.

If you are not feeling well, you are not going to do your best work. Controlling stress isn’t a matter of medicating the body but managing the mind. Dance is one of the best stress buster and is the most fun and effective way to exercise, along with learning a cool skill and hobby.

Employees feel rejuvenated and energetic and are more likely to be engaged on the job efficiently. The Feet Circus Corporate Program offers a wide range of dance and fitness related activities where the employee will be taught various dance styles from Latin , Zumba, Stretching and Yoga sessions.

All the sessions are designed in a holistic way, delivering systematic learning & Wholesome fun. We specially focus on positive interaction between the employees increasing camaraderie between them. The sessions can either be arranged at your given venue, company premises or at The Feet Circus Studio as per the requirement. 

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