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Faraz Khan
(Business man)

So lucky i am.The feet circus has given me self-confidence to dance freely and i feel it’s my second home. I like how Priyanka focus on my mistakes and show and tell you how to fix them When i do the moves correctly and working on them Priyanka congratulate me. Going to each lesson is always a joy because the combinations are different and exciting. Over the past three months , I have also made lots of new friends. In the future, I hope to perform in front of audience on stage.. THANK YOU PRIYANKA!

Dr.Prashant Madane
(Dentist ,National level bodybuilder & Fitness instructor )

After searching a lot about Salsa instructor I came to know about Priyanka.Being a professional bodybuilder I was not confident about learning salsa due to my reduced flexibility, but Priyanka made it so easy that instead of keeping doubt in mind I started dreaming about performing on stage and at Salsa socials.She is an engineer & belongs to good politician’s family background .after all this she has chosen dance as career & when your passion becomes career then success is your destiny & such teacher will make you perfect only…even if you will forget steps taught in last session ,then also instead of getting angry or irritate she will revise it positively & calmly.More than her students she is confident about herself that she will make him or her a perfect dancer.That makes her best teacher..She is very energetic,positive,passionate about dance and yoga…I am happy that I am learning salsa under guidance of such talented instructor…

Harshada Tilekar
( Engineer at Honeywell Automation India Limited)

I was lucky to find Zumba classes conducted by Priyanka. She is a fun teacher, always encouraging and with energy at peak levels which is like almost impossible to match with. The music, routine and the overall feel is total fun. It does not feel like a workout or exercise as she makes it more of fun, expressing yourself through movements and just enjoy your dance. She is totally passionate about dance and motivates others too. I am glad having her a my instructor in achieving my goal of healthier lifestyle.

Sejal Kothari
(Company Secretary Professional )

Priyanka Mam is an awesome dancer. I joined the Salsa and International Latin course.The way she teaches is seriously commendable. Always ready to teach 100 times when we not able to grasp the steps. And has always tried to get us till perfection. Mam u have always given us personal attention which is very rare in other classes. Your friendly nature has also helped us to grow as a dancer.

Ridhima Kakade
(Event Management Professional)

Priyanka is an amazing & dedicated dance instructor who makes Latin dancing very easy to learn with her different teaching techniques. A very friendly atmosphere in class which helps us to learn better. Never seen anyone so passionate about dance.I Absolutely Love to be a part of The Feet Circus & learn from such a superb Dancer.

Anisha Narkar
(Symbiosis International University )

The Feet Circus is definitely the most unique dance academy I have ever attended. There is something new to learn everyday. Priyanka is a great teacher who is more like a friend. She is always exuberant and makes working out fun but also challenging. I thoroughly enjoy this class

Saleha Bootwala
(Clinical counsellor and Educator at St Marys College)

Priyanka is an entertaining, exciting and fun dancer. She dances with her heart. Her energy is contagious. Kudos to The Feet Circus !!!

Sumukh Marathe
( Network Engineer Hewlett-Packard )

Just when I wanted some positivity and motivation in my life I came across The Feet Circus. I did the International Latin course. Thoroughly enjoyed the class.It is the best dance academy to learn from

Harsheen Maini
(Teacher Anisha Global International School)

My experience with Priyanka and her academy was really nice,it really helped me a lot..The way she teaches is very good, always motivated me and made me feel really comfortable.