» Salsa Beginners Bootcamp with The Feet Circus

Salsa Beginners Bootcamp with The Feet Circus

Start your journey of Salsa with The Feet Circus
Date : 23rd June 2018
Day : Saturday
Time : 6 to 8pm
Fees : Rs 500 ( Individual ) Rs 800 ( Couple )

** Reserve your space now we have limited entry to our bootcamp.
** No on spot registration, admission only with prior confirmation.

For Registration Call / Whatsapp : 9689934908

Whether you are just looking to have fun, dance with your other half, meet new people,feel comfortable on the dance floor or master your fundamentals to be able to become a more advanced dancer……it’s the perfect program for you!

The main purpose of this Salsa Bootcamp is to help you reach your goals to learn how to dance salsa in the most easiest and fun way possible!
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