Bored with your same old gym routine?

Doing an activity that’s both physical and fun, such as dancing ,intense stretching class,is a super way to get in shape and stay motivated to exercise.
When a physical activity has fun aspects you’re more likely to make it a habit because it doesn’t feel like exercise.
Trying a new activity will also work your body and your cardiovascular system in a different way than your regular routine so you’ll see better results.

We at The Feet Circus have combination classes to keep the spunk in the exercise alive along with getting superb results. They include Zumba,Yoga,Bokwa, Bollywood
Apart from all the amazing health benefits that Zumba provides one with, It is also an expression of Freedom !!
Its a workout where one can totally be absorbed in the magic of music and dance, Everyone should atleast once attend a Zumba class and watch one transform, states Priyanka Kirad – Founder – Director, The Feet Circus.
Zumba is a perfect combo of fun and fitness.


Yoga – Stretches & Stance

The Feet Circus Stretches & Stance program is for those who want to add an added extra dose of benefit and health.
It is a beautiful coincidence that the God of Yoga is Lord Shiva in the form of Patanjali and the God of Dance is also Lord Shiva in the form of Natraja. Practise of Yoga brings agility, swiftness, and elegance in movement, repose and reflection.


A Dance to Remember !!!

Wedding is the most special time in one’s Lifetime.From Sangeet, Mehendi to Reception wedding is all about Dancing

Dance performances in weddings has nowadays become one of the most exciting things to look forward to, given the fact that on this important day of your Life the whole Focus lies on You !!!

We create specially choreographed dance routines uniquely designed as per your need and theme.It can either be your first dance as couple or your entire wedding sangeet.

These are so much fun.Let us know what you are looking for and we would love to make your special day even more enjoyable!

The classes can either take place at your Venue or at the Studio.


Salsa dancing is a popular form of social and partner dance that originated in South America and New York and has grown to be one of the most popular dance forms in the world. It has a more diverse and complex history.

A mixture of Cuban rhythms, Puerto Rican rhythms and Jazz, Salsa has a rich and complex sound.

We have classes from absolute beginners to advance. All our classes focus on technique, rhythm , footwork, partnerwork , shines and yes not to forget the Fun part

Private Classes

Along with our regular group classes we also offer Private training and classes for an individual (kids or adult) , couple or a small group.
Private classes focus on the finer points of your dancing and you progress at your own pace. 
Private classes are a great way for people who cannot attend regular group classes either due to work timings/shifts or for someone who wants to fast track his or her dancing and has a specific requirement. 
Private lessons are available for dance and fitness both . Let us know your requirement and we can help you out !

Kids Special

Give Your Child The Gift of Dance

A life skill that will give them increased confidence, health benefits, social etiquette,rhythm & knowledge of different cultures & genres of music.

Dance helps to develop proper posture at a young age and correct your child’s body alignment while enhancing coordination and muscle tone.It also encourages self-expression and mental stimulation.

We at The Feet Circus believe in a holistic approach while teaching children. Starting at an early age is the best time to start learning how to dance. Children learn movement patterns easily when they are young, similar to when they learn language. It is a long-term investment in your child’s education and personal development.

We train the child in all styles of dance from Latin beats,hip hop to bollywood.

Along with it we have special Yoga and Stretching classes for the Kids, to enhance their flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.Children who practice Yoga are able to concentrate better during the day, focus better on their activities, and pay attention to their tasks.

Enrol your child for our Kids Program and see for yourself.


Dancing is the best way to keep oneself physically fit along with learning and adding a skill set to your expertise, thus enhancing your overall personality and social life.

The Feet Circus presents different dance forms one can choose from.


The Feet Circus – Corporate Program

The strength of a company is its employees. They are the pillars and backbone of any company or corporation
The success of a company is equally proportional to the individual success of each employee and the working harmony between them.

Expected and unexpected challenges in the job and home front, and rising levels of stress along with a sedentary lifestyle takes a toll on the efficiency of the individual.
If you are not feeling well, you are not going to do your best work.

Controlling stress isn’t a matter of medicating the body but managing the mind.

Dance is one of the best stress buster and is the most fun and effective way to exercise, along with learning a cool skill and hobby.
Employees feel rejuvenated and energetic and are more likely to be engaged on the job efficiently.

The Feet Circus Corporate Program offers a wide range of dance and fitness related activities where the employee will be taught various dance styles from Latin , Zumba, Stretching and Yoga sessions.

All the sessions are designed in a holistic way, delivering systematic learning & Wholesome fun.
We specially focus on positive interaction between the employees increasing camaraderie between them.

The sessions can either be arranged at your given venue, company premises or at The Feet Circus Studio as per the requirement.

So Today is the day, why wait !! Resolve to be the best version of ourselves. See you on the dance floor !!!


Do you have something coming up that you need choreography for?

We would be happy to choreograph the routine for You. We provide choreography for Competitions, Parties, Solo , Duet or Team Performance.


Our Bollyhop class is a cool mix of Hip Hop moves with our very own Bollywood music.

The class is super fun for all the HipHop and Bollywood lovers.
At the same time its a great way of exercise and keeping yourself Fit to the latest trend !