Bellydance Beginners Workshop

Did you always want to learn to dance Bellydance?
So this is the right opportunity for you to begin!

Day: Sunday
Time: 3 to 5 pm
Contact us on WhatsApp: 9689934908

Latin Progressive Course Beginners Batch

Latin Progressive Course Beginners Batch

Course Details

This course is an Introduction to the International and Street Latin Dance Styles
You will learn 6 Latin Dances

1 .ChaCha – Exciting, Rhythmical , Staccato Dance from Cuba

2. Samba – Sexy , Percussive, Brazilian Dance depicting the Carnival of Rio De Janerio

3. Rumba – Slow,Sensual,Romantic Dance of Cuba

4. Jive – A lively, Fun, Energetic Party Dance from the U.S.A

5. Salsa – Musical ,Stylish, Fun Social Dance from Newyork with strong influences from Cuba,Puerto Rico and Colombia.

6. Bachata – Sensous, Rhythmic , Cool Social Dance from Dominican Republic.

Come Join The Fun And Feel Confident Dancing to a Variety of Different Types of Music !

Kindly Note :
* No prior dance experience required.
* Partner is not compulsory.

For Details and Enquiry : 8806085550




Salsa Dance Beginners, Koregaon Park, Pune

Beginners Salsa Course
Course Details : 
This course is an Introduction to Salsa.
Course duration : 16 hrs. It’s a 2 month progressive dance program.

Salsa dancing is a popular form of social and partner dance that originated in South America and New York, and has grown to be one of the most popular dance forms in the world.
It has a more diverse and complex history.

A mixture of Cuban rhythms, Puerto Rican rhythms and Jazz, Salsa has a rich and complex sound.

The course will focus on Footwork, Partnerwork , Shines ,Technique & Rhythm.

Come Join The Fun and Experience the Magic of Salsa !
Kindly Note :
* No prior dance experience required.
* Partner is not compulsory.

For Details and Enquiry : 9689934908

Class Conducted by Priyanka Kirad & Vineet Saagar
Check our Fb page for more details about Salsa Program

Kids Modelling Workshop Koregaon Park Pune

Unleash the Star in Your Child , A special Kids Modelling Workshop happening at The Feet Circus 26th to 30th April 2017 conducted by Vogatti School of Modeling . Kids attending the workshop shall be auditioned and participating in India Kids Fashion Week , Mumbai. An awesome opportunity for your child. 

For more details click on the event page : 

Salsa Beginners Bootcamp with The Feet Circus

Start your journey of Salsa with The Feet Circus
Date : 23rd June 2018
Day : Saturday
Time : 6 to 8pm
Fees : Rs 500 ( Individual ) Rs 800 ( Couple )

** Reserve your space now we have limited entry to our bootcamp.
** No on spot registration, admission only with prior confirmation.

For Registration Call / Whatsapp : 9689934908

Whether you are just looking to have fun, dance with your other half, meet new people,feel comfortable on the dance floor or master your fundamentals to be able to become a more advanced dancer……it’s the perfect program for you!

The main purpose of this Salsa Bootcamp is to help you reach your goals to learn how to dance salsa in the most easiest and fun way possible!
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